My first set of Postcrossing cards – from March 2015 to April 2015



You can say that I am a late bloomer when it comes to PostCrossing.
But truth be told, I’ve been meaning to join in since but just couldn’t find the right time.
First, there was the issue when it comes to the address.
We don’t have a personal mailbox here, so all of our mails, be it corporate or personal goes through our official
security guard. He and his assistant takes care of our mails.
Sad to say, people and their sheer curiosity about other people’s lives, likes to look at other people’s things even their mails!
Second, Maybe i’m just paranoid, but sometimes our local mailmen doesn’t bring the cards or letters on time,
even worse when they don’t even bring them at all !
It’s a bit frustrating but it does happens.
Mailmen can’t be trusted so I’m a bit skeptic.
But I finally caved in this year,
the thought of missing out a few postcards and not even receiving one, just because of my what-ifs and worries.
Thankfully though, The cards did came. Thank you: Mr. Postman, and yes, like I suspected, our security guard takes a peek or two, he really likes to read. ^0^

I decided to start this blog and share with you what I’ve received from strangers all over the world.
and hopefully with much conviction to update this from time to time. ^-^

1. * U.S.A *


= This post crosser was the first one to send me a postcoaster card. I indicated that I like beer coasters and
she was kind enough to send me this one.
I like it!

2. * Sweden *

= This one came from Sweden, but original the writer was from Bulgaria.
Here she writes that Spring is coming soon.

3. * Belarus *

= The thing about Postcrossing is that you never know what country you’re about to receive next.
This is a nice card and very thoughtful of him to mention my travel blog.

4. * Russia *


= I have never been Moscow, so this card reminds me that someday I must see it for myself.
Although, there was no description, I love the Architecture and angle that it was captured.
The stamps were a treat as well.

5. * Germany *


= I like the bigger size of this postcard. It was sent by Gabi *who is a 4 year old boy* thanks to her Mom, who likes postcrossing as well. This card gave me a glimpse of everything I need to know about Germany’s highlights.
What’s more I’m beginning to appreciate how nice this commemorative stamp was.

6. * Malaysia *



= I have a lot to learn about post cards, because I’m not familiar with this one and had to Google it all the way to Pinterest. The Snow Queen’s Realm has a few collectibles and was glad when someone sent me this card.
No Malaysia’s picturesque scenery, instead a colorful fairy tale world which I really like.

7. * Finland *



= So I wasn’t really expecting to receive a card that is Angry Bird inspired.
But since it came all the way from Finland I might as well appreciate it.

8. * Thailand *

= As soon as I saw this beautiful sketch postcard. I was happy. ^0^
This reflects the
Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion in Phuket town.
The post crosser was a she, who happened to be in Phuket whilst on a trip.
Even her handwriting was so legible and cursive that you can’t help but mark this as one of your favorites. ^-^

9. * Poland *



= The sender was short but sweet, she sent me a picture of their local town but I think this photo doesn’t give justice as to how pretty this city (Bialystok) is.
Most of all, the cute stamps were my favorite.
What’s more, she took the time to change my name into Polish instead, which was confusing at first,
as I thought it wasn’t addressed to me.
Now I know that the name JUNE in Polish is Czerwienić. ^-^

10. * Germany *



= This town is located along the west part of Germany.
It’s a well known pilgrimage site.

Like my first card from Germany,  this multi-view type gave me a slice of this city.


11. * Belgium *

( J.A – Ingres – La Baigneuse )


= and last but not the least and my ultimate favorite for now.
My first Ingres post card collection. ^0^
I love art paintings, and I can’t thank him enough,
even his effort to read my profile and remembered that I like it.
The sender is french and juggles his time between Luxembourg where he works and Belgium where he’s staying.
Words can’t suffice how much I’m über, molto, trop, happy *with a big smile* to receive this one.
The commemorative policiers stamp is for keeps as well.
I was never expecting anything until this!
Thankfully, the postman didn’t keep this to himself!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more posting.